Crop Insurance

Warsaw, Indiana Crop Insurance

Farmers and ranchers use crop insurance to protect their crops from financial losses due to natural disasters or weather that may cause a loss in crops or revenue. At Goshert Insurance LLC, we protect farms and ranches of all types and sizes throughout our area. To meet this wide variety of insurance needs, we represent many carriers for crop insurance.

All of these coverages will help you manage your crop risks and have the knowledge that your investment will be covered from uncontrollable events or market fluctuations. You may also want to discuss with our agency separate farm insurance and business insurance coverages, depending on your specific needs.

Crop Insurance Options:

Because we represent many crop insurance carriers, our policies offer many coverage options so you can balance how much risk you're willing to assume with the premium you're willing to pay.

Crop Insurance policies are packaged in a few different ways:

  • Crop-Hail Insurance: covers hail damage as well as loss from conditions
    • normally includes fire, lightning, transport loss, vandalism, and stored grain damages
    • can include added perils such as; replant payment, wind, extra harvest expense, lodging, seed corn endorcement, etc.  
  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI): protection from a decrease in crop yield, loss of crops, or revenue loss from price changes.
    • Revenue Protection
    • Yield Protection
    • Catastrophic (CAT) policy
  • Area Risk Plans: protection based on a county agregate expected vs. actual revenue or yield 
    • Area Revenue Plan
    • Area Yield Plan
  • Specialized Perils: covers specifically defined perils selected by you, which could include; specified crop pricing, specified revenue dollars, specified crop / farm Margins, wind, fire, specified amount of rainfall, minimum or maximum crop degree days, and more...