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The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program

One of the many benefits of membership in the National Rifle Association is having access to a broad selection of insurance products through the NRA Endorsed Property & Casualty Insurance Program. Together with the NRA, we've developed a wide range of products that offer the insurance solutions NRA members are looking for.

From member-specific coverages like Gun Insurance, Self-Defense Insurance and Personal Firearms Liability Insurance, to customized plans for NRA-affiliated hunt and gun clubs, instructors and businesses, we've got you covered.

For an Alternative to the NRA program and Rick's personal choice:
Join the USCCA

NRA-endorsed property & liability insurance designed to help you protect your assets.

No Cost ArmsCare Firearms Insurance
All NRA members in good standing receive $2,500 of ArmsCare protection at no cost to them. To begin receiving this coverage members must activate their No Cost benefits.

ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance
Only you know how valuable your firearms are, and $2,500 of coverage may not be enough. ArmsCare Plus covers you when your homeowner's policy falls short.

Gun Collector Insurance
This economical plan provides coverage for your personal gun collection.

Personal Firearms Protection Insurance
This insurance provides NRA members extra liability protection when they hunt or shoot.

Firearms Instructor Plus Liability Insurance
Liability and Professional Liability coverage for when you are teaching others.

Self-defense Insurance
Provides Liability coverage, including Civil and Criminal Defense when you're involved in an act of self-defense

Retired Law Enforcement Officer Self-defense Insurance
Discounted Self-Defense coverage designed specifically for retired and off-duty law enforcement officers.

Gun Show Liability Insurance
Liability insurance for gun shows promoters.

The ONLY club insurance plans endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Developed exclusively for firearms and gun-related clubs, our NRA-affiliated Club Insurance options cover a broad range of insurance needs. From basic protection for your club's property and firearms to multi-million-dollar liability coverage for your club and its members, we have a plan for you.

The group buying power of NRA-affiliated clubs makes the cost of this insurance exceptionally competitive. Not only are club members included as insureds, but this policy even covers club activities that occur away from the club premises. Not an NRA club affiliate? We'll sign you up!

NRA-affiliated Club Insurance Options:

  • Hunt Club Liability Insurance - for sporting groups that hunt, and hunting competitions
  • Gun Club Liability Insurance - for non-hunting firearm-related groups, reenactment groups, competitions, and firearm-related events

Business Alliance Member Insurance

Get exclusive commercial insurance for your business with the ONLY commercial plan endorsed by the NRA.

Developed exclusively for NRA Business Alliance Members, our business insurance package is designed to cover the risks of doing business in the firearm industry. Whether you sell and service firearms or operate a commercial firing range, we customize a package based on the specific insurance needs of your business.

Insurance Designed For:

  • Gun stores
  • Commercial ranges
  • Hunting guides
  • Gunsmiths
  • Game preserves
  • Gun shows
  • Instructors
  • Competitions
  • Firearm-related events
  • Gun & hunt clubs
  • Clubs open to the public
  • State associations
  • Guides and outfitters
  • RV parks/campgrounds
  • Pawn shops
  • Other shooting sports activities

Coverage Includes:

Covers direct physical loss or damage to property rented, leased, or owned by your business. this includes buildings, money and securities, business or personal property of others, and losses incurred by employee thefts or negligence.

General Liability
Provides various limits of liability up to $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate. Coverage includes bodily injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury as well as miscellaneous medical payments to others.

Specialized Business Coverage
Whether you are a self-employed gunsmith, work as a gunsmith within a retail business, or are a business owner with employed gunsmiths, we can help you!

Optional Coverage
Business income, boiler and machinery, glass, computer, valuable papers and records, accounts receivable and more.

Protect your business with the only insurance coverage endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Apply today!

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